Recording an idea or an inspiration can be the most rewarding experience of
a lifetime.  So many times for so many just doesn't happen.

Here at GuitarPit Studios we have distinct ideas about the recording process.
. . . We make it easy for you to fully realize that dream or inspiration.
We view each recording project as a very
personal expression of the artist--that is
taken lightly!!

At the Pit you can count on the freedom and
support to bring your vision, your inspiration,
your dream and make it into a reality.

Whatever your vision we can make it happen
for you at
At GuitarPit Studios we offer a variety of other services ranging from
personalized music instruction to promotional support to software training.  
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Here at GuitarPit Studios our goal is to help you be the best you can be, and
we provide the means for you to get there.  Check out our contact page for
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